Internet Security

At Network Box, the emphasis is on taking away the mundane work of security so that companies can become more proactive and plan their business from a technological standpoint.

Network Box assists by allowing the IT manager to delegate the configuration and day to day maintenance to Network Box engineers whilst providing advice and expertise to enable the company to get the best return on its investment both in Network Box and its IT staff.


Reviewing your Internet Security

There are two fundamental choices to make when reviewing your internet security: 

  1. Do you choose to consolidate?
  2. Do you choose a managed service?

Phase 1: Consolidation versus Legacy Systems





Consolidation can deliver significant savings

If you maintain your Legacy products then you are more likely to patch your security

Service Levels

One SLA under contract will give you ‘peace of mind’

Need to manage multiple support agreements

Skills & Training

Required for one product

Required for multiple products


Single Licence required

Multiple licences for multiple products

Management controls

Centralised on single console

Spread across multiple platforms and interfaces

Phase 2: Managed Service vs Self-Managed Product


Managed Service

Self-Managed Product




Change control

Provided by MSSP

Limited by product, time and skills

Service Levels

Tailored to customer needs

In-house limitations

Security Level

Choice of security provision

Limited to products & skills


Delegate the issues to the managed service provider

Consumes considerable time, especially when skills are limited


One update for all services

Separate updates for each product


From a single console

From separate consoles

Knowledge of threats/risk

Constantly refreshed & proactively applied



From this exercise you will see that the value of consolidation and a managed service are the key business drivers of change in the Internet Security space. Whether you choose to switch your security to Network Box or any other vendor that provides consolidation of the Internet Security components, you can be reassured that this will deliver measurable financial, time and management benefits. To learn more about some of the companies that would endorse this view, see our case studies.

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