Management Team

Michael Gazeley

Managing Director     

Michael Gazeley is the Managing Director and Co-founder of Network Box Corporation. Network Box was founded more than a decade ago, and is one of the world's leading Managed Security Service Providers. The company has won more than 140 international awards for its security technology across the globe, including two Grand and eight Gold Awards published out of Silicon Valley.


The company protects many of the world's best known companies and organizations, including Bupa, Tradelink, Novotel, UA Finance, K-Line, Airport Security, WowWee, government departments and financial institutions. Network Box protects more than 150 banks and credit unions in the USA alone, including the Air Force Credit Union.


With more than two decades experience in the field of information technology, Michael was recognised by the world-renowned ISC2 ( International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium ), which honoured him with its first Asia-Pacific Information Security Leadership Achievement Award in 2007.


Mark Webb-Johnson

Chief Technical Officer

Mark Webb-Johnson is Network Box's Chief Technology Officer and the co-founder as well. It is Mark’s technical genius that drives the innovation at Network Box. He and his team constantly come up with the solutions that keeps Network Box ahead of the rest. Over the years, Mark has taken on numerous projects and extremely difficult technology problems and always come up with an elegant solution. It is hardly any wonder he won the Lord Hailsham Prize for Computer Science.


Like many experts in high technology, Mark does not suffer fools gladly, but at Network Box that is not a problem: he has built a terrific team of extremely competent people. He solves problems others give up on and he solves them with considerable elegance. The team follows his example.

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