Additional Features - Overview

Additional Features






More than just security. In addition to comprehensive protection from incoming and outgoing threats, Network Box offers valued added service to help you with the management of your users and network, and other IT-related issues.

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Security patches and updates are automatically PUSHed out, and installed in real-time.


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PUSH Updates






Customizable dashboard that provides real-time visual feedback of both cyber attacks and your network status.


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HTML-5 Dashboard






Allows you to group end users’ devices and attributes into a single entity, to track their activities and network utilization.


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Entity Management






In addition to the automatic weekly reports, customized reports can be generated on-the-fly, or scheduled to be delivered periodically to you.


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Customized Reports



Cloud Email &

DNS Backups


Cloud backup for your email and DNS servers to help alleviate problems due to network outage and connectivity issues.


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Cloud Backups



IPv4 to IPv6



Bi-directional translation between IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, allowing IPv4 clients to connect to IPv6 servers, and vice-versa.


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IPv4 to IPv6 Bridging



Network Box

Mobile App


The Network Box Mobile App is available, as a free download, for iOS and Android mobile devices.


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Mobile App


Dark Web

Monitoring Service


Scans the Dark Web for registered email addresses and domains. Reports and alerts are generate if your credentials are discovered there.


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Dark Web Monitoring

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