Cloud Email and DNS Backups

Cloud Email and DNS Backups






The Network Box Cloud Email Backup and Cloud DNS Backup services are designed to help alleviate problems due to network outage and ISP related connectivity issues. With Network Box's extensive global network of cloud backup servers across the world, you are assured of business continuity and service reliability.


Cloud Email Backup   Cloud DNS Backup

Cloud Email Backup


Cloud DNS Backup

Lost or bounced emails can affect business continuity. The Network Box Cloud Mail Backup service can alleviate this business risk, by backing-up undeliverable incoming emails in the Network Box cloud servers. Thus, if there is a problem with your ISP, your internal network, or your email server; incoming emails will be stored in the cloud, and delivered to you when the problem has been resolved, and normal services resumed.



Web and mail traffic can be severely affected if your DNS server suffers an outage. The Network Box Cloud DNS Backup service helps mitigate this, by allowing you to use Network Box's extensive network of DNS servers to provide backup in the cloud. In addition providing a security hardened DNS solution, it is a faster and more reliable service than traditional ISP or in-house DNS servers would be able to offer.


  • Backup storage only if your email servers are overloaded and temporarily not accepting new connections/emails.
  • Once delivered, the emails will be removed and only logs (containing date, time, sender and recipient) will be retained.
  • 4 Geographical locations: Asia, America, Europe and the Pacific.


  • Full control over which of your domains will use the service.
  • Full control over which cloud backup servers will be used for your domains.
  • Only the DNS records themselves, as well as statistical logs, will be stored on the Cloud DNS Backup servers.


Download Technical Guide



Download Technical Guide




Key Features

4 Geographical Regions

4 Geographical regions:

America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Removal of emails once delivered

Backed-up emails are removed once

they are delivered.

Control of use of DNS service

Full control of which domains will use

the cloud DNS backup service.

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