Outgoing Threats - Overview

Outgoing Threats






Your staff can be a major security threat. Quite often, security incidents occur because of negligence or human error. Without proper training on the dangers of the Internet, your staff can be a serious security risk, and hackers can exploit this to compromise your network. To help alleviate this threat, Network Box offers the following security technologies to protect your network:

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Virtual Private

Network (VPN)


Secures out-of-office connections to ensure data remains confidential during Internet exchange.


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Web Content

Filtering (S-Scan)


Designed to block end-users from accessing infected and other undesirable websites.


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Data Leakage

Prevention (DLP)


Scans and blocks outbound mail that may contain sensitive data.


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Identifies and quarantines infected workstations, servers and connected smart devices in your internal network.


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Infected LAN






Secures communication between two internet endpoints by decrypting and scanning incoming traffic and re-encrypting data on the way out.


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SSL Proxying



Application Scanning

and Control


Analyzes web traffic to identify the application responsible, allowing rules to be applied to it.


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Application Scanning & Control

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