Hardware Overview

Network Box Hardware Overview






A full range of Network Box models are available to support diverse performance and environmental requirements. These models are designated S for Small, M for Medium or E for Enterprise; and are designed to suit the typical workloads encountered in each organizational type.


Secure your small business or branch office with enterprise quality protection. Cutting edge, high performance hardware for medium sized organizations. Designed to protect enterprises, allowing for the highest performance possible.
S-Series M-Series E-Series



Next Generation

Hardware Platform


All hardware units are 64-bit. Based on multi-core CPUs, they are designed to offer exceptional performance and reliability. With military-grade chassis, the units are able to withstand extreme shock, vibration and temperature ranges.


64-bit CPU

In addition, every Network Box unit has over 100 in-built sensors, and is monitored 24x7x365 by the Network Box Security Operations Centre, to ensure the unit is running smoothly. Real-time back up of rules and settings of the hardware are also performed constantly.

Security Operations Centre



Protection at the


As your Network Box system will be positioned at the gateway, all malicious traffic will be scanned and blocked before it even has a chance to enter your network. Once your system has been installed, Network Box will remotely monitor, manage and protect your network from cyber threats 24x7x365.

Network Box system installed at the Gateway



Security Features

The security software, services available and protection afforded are identical for all models. The differences between models are purely hardware features and performance. All models provide the following security functions:




Proxy, Packet Filtering, Stateful Packet Inspection


3 Engines

16,000+ Signatures*

VPN Types



25 Engines

30.8million+ Signatures*


16 Engines

11.2million+ Signatures*

Content Filtering

15 Engines

7.7million+ Signatures*


Real-time automated fingerprinting, millisecond response

Infected LAN

Identifies and quarantines infected systems and connected smart devices

IPv4 to IPv6 Bridging

Incoming/Outgoing Protocol Translation

PUSH Updates

Updates automatically delivered and installed in an average time of less than 45 Seconds


* For real-time statistics, please visit: http://response.network-box.com/protection

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