Customized Reports

Customized Reports






With Network Box, all actions and events, are logged and audited to ISO standard. A central, unified logging system is used to collect logging data throughout the system which can be used to generate reports. These reports are data-rich and contain information on time and time zone, information on host and origin, and are unlimited in their scope.


By using the Network Box HTML-5 Dashboard, you can create customized reports, on anything available in the system. These reports can either be generated on-the-fly for real-time instant reports, or scheduled to be picked-up or delivered periodically via email. Reports are available in Adobe PDF or CSV format.


Reports and Dashboard




Key Performance Indicators



The Network Box Reporting systems, have been enhanced to leverage the concept of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Each Network Box hardware appliance, comes with predefined KPI weekly reports, which provides a weekly summary of events and actions within your network. Using the Network Box Dashboard, this can be customized for more granular control.


By using KPIs, it is possible to make a comparison between any two defined time periods. This facility is very useful to see if workloads are increasing over time, for example, to see how many more emails are being scanned by the system this week, than in the same week last year.



Network Box KPIs include the following:

Network (INTERNET) utilization

emails received

VPN SSL client connections made to the server

Network (LAN) utilization

emails denied

VPN SSL site-to-site percentage uptime

Network (DMZ) utilization

Outgoing emails sent

VPN PPTP connections made

Network (VPN) utilization

Outgoing emails denied

VPN IPSEC connections made

DISK utilization

Incoming emails received

VPN IPSEC percentage uptime

CPU utilization

Incoming emails denied

Frontline IPS attacks denied

Network Firewall connections denied

email SPAM blocked

IPS attacks denied

Web Client requests made

email MALWARE blocked

IDS attacks detected

Web Client requests denied

email POLICY blocked

WORKLOAD utilization

Web Client URL categories

email DLP blocked

MEMORY utilization

Web Client Threats

VPN SSL site-to-site connections made

and many more...



Key Features

Real-time reports

Using the Network Box Dashboard, you can create instant real-time reports, or reports covering a set period of time.

PDF and CSV formats

Available formats:

PDF (Portable Document Format)

CSV (Comma Separated Value


KPIs allows you to see what is happening in real-time, as well as what has been happening over any given period of time.

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