Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network






The Network Box Virtual Private Network (VPN) engine secures connections between Internet end points to ensure data remains secured and confidential during Internet exchange.


In addition to providing graphical representation and control of the VPN, the engine has been ruggedized to handle ISP connectivity issues, bridges non-standard compliant connections, and automates the approach for the most common connectivity issues.



Network Box provides support for three core

VPN technologies:


Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP)

Recommended for simple road-warrior configurations using the VPN client built-in to most modern operating systems (including Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, and several mobile devices).


Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)

Recommended for site-to-site configurations requiring inter-operability between multiple vendors.


Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN)

Recommended for both site-to-site and road-warrior configurations using the Open VPN standard.


All three VPN options are fully integrated to the firewall and provide excellent policy control, allowing different firewall policies to be applied to encrypted vs non-encrypted traffic, and to specific end-points. The VPNs are also inter-routable, so traffic can be translated between VPN technologies by a single Network Box appliance.





Visual VPN

With the Network Box HTML-5 Dashboard, all the VPN types have been unified into a single unified framework, for centralized status, reporting and control.

  • Configurability of VPN types.
  • Reporting on VPN availability.
  • Capability to start/stop/restart VPN tunnels.
  • New Global Monitoring Sensor for VPN links.


Dashboard screen - VPN

VPN Status Dashboard Screen




The VPN-5Q is a fanless VPN device, designed to secure connections between Internet end points. It is light weight and has a slim style design to fit any space-limited environment, making it an ideal and cost efficient solution for home or small branch offices.


Download VPN-5Q datasheet


VPN-5Q Hardware Unit



Key Features

Supports three core VPN technologies

Supported VPN Technologies:


Authenticated user sessions

Authenticated user sessions.

GMS and Visual VPN

Global Monitoring Sensor (GMS) with visual display of VPN links.

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