Our Advantage


Our Philosophy

Internet threats to Network security are a global phenomenon which is why Network Box has established operation centers around the world. With Security Operation Centers in the USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia, we ‘follow the sun’ twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to ensure our products are kept up to date against the very latest internet security threats.


Our Mission

To make effective Internet Security available and affordable to enterprises of all sizes.


What We Do

We provide a range of Internet Threat Prevention and Security devices, available in a number of hardware options to accommodate different network types and sizes. Each device is managed remotely and Network Box seamlessly integrates all its threat prevention applications into a single, sophisticated, user friendly service.


So by installing a Network Box, your company can become automatically protected against the latest viruses, hackers, worms, backdoors, distributed denial of service attacks and other online menaces, easily, effortlessly and cost-effectively.


Our Service

Each Network Box is continuously monitored and managed for optimum performance by our Operations centers. So not only do we configure and install each device for you, but, on the rare occasions when we cannot fix a problem remotely, we can arrange a prompt repair or replacement of your Network Box.


In addition, Network Box offers Manage Cloud Protection. The Network Box In-the-Cloud Solution can offer the same protection as the physical appliance.

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