Valued Added Services

Network Box provides additional value added services:

  • Bandwidth Management
  • Change Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Load Balancing
  • Multiple Internet Connections
  • Security Consultancy


Bandwidth Management

Able to allocate bandwidth and to shape communications traffic.

By controlling bandwidth usage intelligently – eg, by allocating 30% to email, 30% to FTP and the remaining 40% to web access - it is possible to ensure that vital communication channels are always kept open.


Change Management

All critical security changes are made through a system where experts check the request to validate the decision. Changes are made on a golden copy held remotely. These changes are recorded in a version control system which enables instant roll back to the previous state or indeed to a state a number of months old if required. The change is then uploaded onto the Network Box. This has the added advantage of ensuring that there is always an off-site backed up version of the configuration of the Network Box.


Disaster Recovery

Network Box can assist in the process of Disaster Recovery.

By using Network Box managed service, customers benefit from a remotely stored configuration and assistance in the change over to the Disaster Recovery site, just when assistance is needed most. On recovering from the disaster, Network Box will be able to supply hardware and push on the original configuration from one of its SOCs and hence protect your network and help re-establish the business.


Load Balancing

To maximise business continuity, it is possible to install two (or more) Network Box units in high-availability mode, providing total failover redundancy. This feature is available on all Network Box models.

The industry-standard VRRP protocol is fully supported, to co-exist and inter-operate with existing high-availability equipment.


Multiple Internet Connections

All Network Boxes can connect to two or more Internet service providers at the same time. When all connections are functioning normally, their combined bandwidth is available for use. Should one of the connections become temporarily unavailable, Internet connectivity is still available over the remaining connections.


Security Consultancy

Network Box service comes with engineers who are dealing with security issues all day, everyday with a wide range of customers. This gives them a lot of experience which they can use to the benefit of their customers. Useful to know when you have a deadline to meet.

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